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INCISION is a brutal, fast, dark blast from the days of Doom, Quake and Duke Nukem 3D. The world has transformed into a living nightmare where chaotic mass of flesh and machine live in unholy symbiosis. All we hold familiar and comfortable has been turned into a network of hellish, rusty, pulsating labyrinthian series of factories that serve as the nerves and organs for some greater being that only seeks to consume and grow. Its victims have been twisted into terrifying machines, and much like worker ants, only gather victims and materials for its creator and exist to serve its goals. Your job is simple: cut it all down and stop the spread of the Growth.

Mercy is weakness. Hesitation is death. INCISION is designed to be merciless in its difficulty, but the player will never feel weak in the face of danger. Your arsenal is varied, powerful, loud, and will turn enemies into sticky red puddles. Movement is fast and responsive. Story never stops the gameplay. INCISION puts gameplay, fun and challenge before anything else. INCISION is coming to Steam early access in 2021.

Catch the latest screenshots and videos at http://www.twitter.com/smoothbraindev

Let me know what you think of the game in the comment section! You can also reach me at hasuman1990@gmail.com!

StatusIn development
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Made withUnity, Audacity, Blender
TagsDark, Dystopian, Fast-Paced, First-Person, FPS, Gore, Low-poly, Monsters, Retro, Unity
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse



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Dope game ->

Gotta love this game but it's hard man haha. Love played this and I have to say it's stylish. Again Smooth Brain Dev thanks for making this, and I hope you enjoy my terrible gameplay, please share the video out it helps with YouTube sharing out the video to others and get more people playing your game. 

Good day, this game looks cool, but seems aimed to current day hardware, my 2012 laptop doesn't seem able to run it properly, the demo I downloaded from this page is older than the Steam demo, is it? The demo found here runs at about 30fps on my machine tho it has some graphics bugs when running in Linux through Wine (invisible weapon, practically invisible enemies).

The demo on Steam runs even slower, only 1fps using Steam Play with Proton.

Is there any way to configure the game so it can be ran on older hardware? Thank you.

Just finished playing the demo and now remember how much fun video games used to be. Simple, intense, punchy, Gorey fun. Great work guys. Very excited for the full release! 

Not sure if y'all are looking for more music for the game, but I've got some very doom-like tracks in my catalog that could definitely fit your world. 

Would be happy to send you the files for free if you think they may be useful. 

Either way, very excited to see more! 



Its like Quake, and DUSK, its good.

Full Demo No Commentary 

Demo link broke?

There is no game i can't break.

love the industrial "Nine Inch Nails" feeling that the game has, and the weapons feel super punchy

love your game wow :):):)

Hey there, really enjoyed the demo!  I included some feedback in the attached video if you'd like to check it out!

Ow. Ow Ow. Ow ow ow ow. This is the Soulsborne of Throwback/Boomer Shooters. I would never play this for more than one level at a time.

And you know what? It's still badass.

The weapons feel satisfying, the gameplay is solid, and the art design and soundtrack are Black Metal as fuck. Basically, if you're looking for something that will test your reflexes, THIS is the game for you.


Thanks! I've made a checkpoint system now for the coming early access version so deaths won't be as punishing, but my intent is to make a challenging game that demands good reflexes and use of weapons. There might be an "easier" mode, which may just make enemy projectiles slower. 

Thanks, mate. Can't wait to play this game.

Oh, and as a suggestion: Can you please add a brightness slider? The screen was too dark for my liking. Thank you.

Just did a playthrough of the august demo and I love the improvements over the june one. Making movement acceleration faster and adding mouse sensitivity were the 2 things I really wanted. Maybe add an fps cap option next since I don't think everyone wants to run it at 300 (I cap mine at 60 with nvidia).

The issues I ran into were cheeks rockets seem to collide with themselves or the terrain under them so they explode right as they fire. The new pathing that lets enemies fall off ledges for ambushes makes them fall to their deaths in the first level's "reactor" room. You can get stuck by jumping behind the two yellow pipes near the end of the first level.

Keep up the good work. This game is an instant classic in my book and I can't wait for it to sit in my steam library.

Thanks! For sure, I gotta add a FPS cap slider to the full game. The options screen is a "bare minimum" at the moment. Thanks for the critique and feedback. The issue with Cheeks exploding (lmao) has been fixed in development, but I guess I'll keep it for the demo for now. I don't wanna keep revisiting this demo anymore because I'll release a whole new final demo on Steam soon-ish.

So I'm having trouble downloading the demo-- my computer keeps telling me that it has a virus and not letting me install it? 

And when I try to download through the Itch desktop app, it says "cannot read Build property" or something like tha

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yeah same things happening to me, its annoying

also this reminds me a lot of quake 2

Hey! I have reuploaded the game in .zip format. This seemed to fix it for my friend who was running into the same issue. It's a false positive that happens on certain Unity versions.

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yeah thats fixed it

this game is pretty cool though, its got good music

Hey! I have reuploaded the game in .zip format. This seemed to fix it for my friend who was running into the same issue. It's a false positive that happens on certain Unity versions.


Very cool work here! Love the graphics, and the enemy design is phenomenal, really professional stuff there! (Sawblade guys are especially unique and cool) Love the overall vibes and dingy bloody aesthetic. I like the fast paced vibes, though I think a speed between the walk and sprint would be optimal.
The main complaint I' have is that the enemy AI needs a bit of work. They get caught on decorations pretty often. This actually lead to me almost dying a couple times to enemies that had gotten stuck in dark corners of the room lol
I'd say the second level is better than the first, mainly because I feel there's a lot more visual clarity in the design. There's a few places where I feel it isn't clear what a button has done. Some visual cues connecting the button to its respective door would help a lot, or simply placing the buttons closer to the doors.
A quick weapon switch for the mousewheel would be greatly appreciated, being able to switch on the fly to kill multiple enemies with different weapons would feel great!
Overall, really great work! I look forward to seeing your work in the future!

Man, this is amazing

Thank you! Care to go into detail and tell me your thoughts about the game?

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Oh man, where do I start.

For starters, weapons fit perfectly into the game and they sound very meaty and impactful. Also I like that every weapon has a primary and a secondary fire. The overall theme of the game is very unique and eerie and the background story that you’ve written in the description of the game fits perfectly into a retro FPS game. You can make so many different, grotesque, unique enemies with this "flesh combined with machinery" theme. I played these 2 levels so much: I found the hidden RPG in the first level, know pickup and enemy placement, mastered the revolver alt-fire, and much much more. I’ve seen screenshots of future levels on your twitter and i can’t wait to play them. Every enemy is very special and easily identifiable. You could add small annoying enemies and flying enemies in the future to mix up the gameplay. There is room for expanding in the future. Overall an extremely well-made game and I am sure that if you keep working on it, it will become one of the finest throwback boomer shooters. You have a guaranteed purchase from me :D

Now there are a few bugs I found:

1. When Fat guys launch rockets they collide with them and deal damage to themselves

2. There is a pile of boxes near the first Spiderpope in Blood Conversion that you can walk through

3. There is a small grey box on the place where you spawn in each map

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This is going to be the next big throwback retro thing! First there was Dusk and Ion Maiden, then we have Wrath, HROT and Dread Templar in early access, then there will be Incision. I am loving this demo, especially the 2nd level.

It's brutally hard and I've died fiffillion times, but the atmosphere and the combat are absolutely top notch! Can't wait for it to hit Steam, I am sold on this fucker! Don't you go abandoning this project!

I'm so humbled by your words. Thank you, really. Don't you worry, Incision is here to stay!! Follow me on twitter and itch so you'll be notified when Incision is on Steam so you can wishlist it!

Deleted 1 year ago
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This game is really good so far, the controls are like butter, enemy models are some of the best I've seen in years - IMO better than games like Dusk or Ultrakill, and the environments are so 90s they could pass for Quake levels.  Amazing work dude, so much talent on display here.  Please, please, please finish this project and stick it on Steam or Gog, So many people would pay good money for a full game like this, myself included.  We need more games like this. Incision is the best game I've played on Itch ever.  

Oh man, thank you, really!! Incision is here to stay and will be on Steam soon. Follow my twitter and itch page to be notified about it in the future :)

I played the demo for the first time today and I absolutely Love it, I love how tough the enemies are, how the weapons feel, how low on ammo you usually are, a lot of renaissance boomer shooters aren't that hard, which is fine, but this scratches my Quake Difficulty itch so much, though I do have a few issues, the soldiers, aka the guys who shoot two green projectiles at you at a time, reaction speed is a bit too much, they start shooting as soon as I round a cornor. Either give them an idle sound or lower their reaction time, also I hope being able to rebind your keys will come with the full game, I got stuck one time in the first massive red flesh vein in the first level, and finally the "How to play" section Doesnt mention sprinting at all, I only knew about it cause I read the dev log, but other than that great throwback shooter! I hope to see more of this soon

AWESOME GAME! I read your comment about adjusting difficulty and also adding more ammo, which is GREAT because those are the only things that gripe me! I hope this game gets even better and better! thank you, SmoothBrainDev!

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Incredible old-like-style-and-fashion 3d shooter with vibe straight from Quake 1 and 2 era . Yes exacly. It's something in between gritty dark lovecraftian creatures and locations  with technologically sadistic maniac-stroggs. Heck i wish this game full now. It's just "WOW" . The only , my personal "naaah" is arsenal. That kind of game deserve a BIG  arsenal. But on other hand this is just a demo, right? so i wish creator a big success (and sorry for awful english )))


This happened to my screen while i was playing through the game. Had to take a picture with my phone because i doubt it'd show with print screen, but it scared the hell out of me. It was gone after rebooting my PC but I really don't think this is a good look for incision.



Thousands of people have played it and none have reported anything of this sort. Make sure this isn't a fault on your end first, like an issue with the GPU.


Hii, I've made a video about the game and wanted to share some feedback about it, hopefully it is useful to you ^^

-The idea of the game is really good and I really like the DOOM vibes on it.

-The gameplay mechanics are really interesting, but sometimes feels like having more difficulty levels(options) could be great to make the game easier to get into at least on the first steps you take into the first level.

-The game visually it's outstanding and has a lot of personality.

-The game flow it's really amazing as despite of dying many times the game feels quick and fluid on every part of it's gameplay.

In conclusion, the idea is great and I hope you keep working on it. Hopefully this is useful for the development :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)


Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, difficulty levels and saving/one-ups will be included in the final version. They're not really a priority with the demo because this level of challenge is the "medium" difficulty level. I'm adjusting the game based on feedback, but always keeping it challenging as well. Currently I'm trying to add more ammo pickups to balance things out.

Good to hear ^^, you are welcome. I think that there are a good amount of ammo pick ups, maybe adding a little bit of HP pick ups would be great.




Thank you!!

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Great Game! Pitty i cant adjust music volume in the demo!

Otherwise i love it! Do you need a level Designer?

Please check my work if you do!

Thanks! Yes, options screen is being worked on. Mouse sensitivity, volume and pixelation effects will be the first ones to be added.

Thanks for the offer, but I'm not hiring anyone at the moment. This is a one-man project and I'm sticking to that right now :)

One quake mans army :P I love your game, i hope to render mine soon if webgl lets me ...

Can't wait for the full release or another demo this is already really good! My highest requested feature is a walk button or increased velocity when you tap slightly. I always felt like my movement was too fast to be precise or too slow to feel good. I also think the fog/post processing hurts visibility a bit more than I'd like but the guns and enemies were really good and seemed designed around it. 

Yeah this looks like it'll be quite a good game, considering this is just a demo. one thing I have noticed is that some walkways are a bit too thin to move around and you end up falling off quite often, this might be intentional but it feels rather clunky so I thought I'd still point that out. 

(Suggestion: Why don't make it so that the kick parries the spinning exploding gear that the fat dudes shoot and which sends back? The projectile is currently too slow which would make it pretty easy to pull off, reducing the satisfaction you'd get. So if you ever feel like speeding up the projectile a bit, It might be a good idea to consider this too)

Also, great soundtrack

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Love this game! The aesthetics are incredible and I've been enthusiastically watching development on twidder. My one gripe is; could you please add mouse sensitivity settings? Also you can walk thru the first gate in map01 and grab the machine gun before you can press the lever.


Options screen is being worked on. Mouse sensitivity, retro effects and volume sliders will be the first ones to be added :)

Fantastic soundtrack, neat design, spiders!? Easily added to my new and upcoming boomer shooters review!

I played your demo today, I like your control feel and aesthetic alot. That room with the jump pads and the rocket spiders was rough!

Not bad, it definitely keeps its promise of a "challenging but fair" difficulty :)

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This game is great. REALLY GREAT.

I like making retro fps and this kind of stuff. But i am not so good at it. This is what i made in 3 days: https://dodorex.itch.io/blood-and-bones


Awesome game. I love the visuals, music, gameplay, scenarios.. Really impressive. 

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Very promising start you have here. I didn't get all the way through the demo (though I assume the room I got to with all the spiderpopes on the platforms was probably either the finale or close to it) but I had a pretty good time with it as far as I got. Encounters feel very fast and lethal, almost like how I imagine FEAR would be without bullet time and hitscan enemies. The visual style is already fantastic; it succeeds at being both very oppressive and having a good color palette, and I'd say you even out did DUSK's industrial areas. Some criticisms and suggestions I have:

1. When you flip switches it wasn't that well sign-posted WRT what area you opened up. It wasn't a very big deal in this demo, because the opened up area was never more than one or two rooms away, but it could end up being a problem in future levels so I figure it's worth thinking about.

2. I think the new shotgun model is good, but in the middle of combat when you're keeping your eye on other parts of the screen it can be easy to mistake it for the MG. Sometimes I would mistake which one I had equipped and use it in a less appropriate situation. If you didn't want to make a whole new model for one of them, I think adding a bit more color to spots on the MG might help; maybe put some green on the tips of the crosshairs, or if you wanna get really fancy you could put a little transparent window on the ammo drum that shows the bullets inside.

3. Concerning this demo level in particular, I think that the place I died (the bouncy spiderpope room) could use at least a small ammo (and maybe health) drop before your go in. I totally ran out before I'd managed to kill any of them. I think I saw a couple scraps of it laying around the bottom of the room but it was hard to reach while being chased by the ground enemies and dodging the homing missiles.

4. The role of the robo-spiders seems a bit redundant with that of the soldiers. Perhaps instead of shooting straight projectiles, then could fire arced ones with a larger hitbox, and maybe stand still while they're firing as well.

5. You mentioned in a reply to another comment that you're struggling to come up with a good secondary fire for the MG. What if it let you use 2 or more rounds to fire a single more powerful shot that has a slower firing rate, like an analog to the magnum in Half Life?

I was thinking the same thing when I was passing through!

Still havent beaten it yet, the difficulty makes it challenging and addictive, love the dithery graphics and gritty industrial-apocalypse aesthetic, sweet and fitting soundtrack. Pretty clear influences that prove good taste from the dev, it seems inspired by quake, half-life, maybe dusk. I did notice a few odd things, the shotgun has a horizontal spread, which is fun if your enemies are all horizontal but is strange otherwise, as soon as you start the game you're punching again and again until you click to punch, picking up weapons doesn't equip them and the hud doesn't indicate what you have for weapons, and i think it would be easier if the mouse wheel could loop through weapons as well as the number keys. I also personally found the hud a bit ugly and half-life-like. to end, i thought it was great and would love to see more of it

You got the inspirations pretty much right. Quake 2 (my first FPS ever), DUSK, some Half-Life, Painkiller. Shotgun's horizontal spread was chosen just because Doom's pump shotgun also acts that way. There isn't that much vertical combat currently so a horizontal spread just felt more logical for me. Also, your post just solidifies more and more those things that I gotta fix/add to my game. I've gotten a lot of feedback and mouse sensitivity, scroll wheel weapon switches, and better HUD are high on the priority list!

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I haven't even been able to finish through the first half of this and I can already tell how ridiculously good of a shooter it is. The difficulty is brutal but fair and challenging. Ammo can feel scarce at first until you realize the game is teaching you fire control. Once you do, you have more than enough bullets to make it through with precision shooting. Also, the soundtrack is simple but it already slaps.

There's only two weapons available at the moment but they both stand out on their own. You get a machine gun that spits lead as hard as it chews through your ammo, and a grenade launcher shotgun hybrid that absolutely GIBS everything. Forget the fists btw, trying to melee in this makes you feel like a suicidal ice skater. Your health can get immediately shredded if you take any shots and the most common health syringes only heal you for single digits. Make use of that super speed strafe if you wanna make it through.

Had an initial gripe with how the shotgun doesn't go in a circle spread - it goes in a horizontal line and forces you up close to land all your shots while still letting you crowd control. The game doesn't come with an instruction screen so it took some time for me to realize there was a grenade function (and a kick??) lol.

Would love to see some accessibility options in the future for mouse sensitivity and maybe a checkpoint system (please have mercy). Brutal shooters are great but the demo can feel a bit much at the moment if you're not experienced with high-paced shooters. One of the first enemies you encounter can be super annoying because their projectiles are blood red (just like almost all of the level) so you can barely see it coming. I can't even tell if it's actually hitscan or the projectiles just come too fast. The vertical movement/platforming in combat feels a bit redundant until you get into the towers level with the bouncing pads.

All in all, this game is seriously underrated and really deserves to stand out more on itchio. The fact that the DEMO has this much quality is awesome. It's got tons of potential to sit up there with New Blood shooters and all the boomer shooters in rage right now.


Oh, lord, finally someone who actually gets what this game tries to do. I've seen so many people play this like it's a mindless shooter where ammo doesn't matter and it's "unfair" when enemies do a lot of damage. Everything is projectile-based for that reason. You can always dodge attacks as long as you focus on what's happening. Anyway, to answer some of your pointers.

-Accessibility options are coming, but it'll still take a while. I've gotten lots of requests for mouse sensitivity settings, so that's what I'm gonna add first of course. Keybinding will come later. That stuff is HARD to make.

- Hard to see projectiles are indeed an oversight on my part. I will update it once I get the time to work on Incision again. Also nope, there's no hitscan enemies in this game and never will be

-  Not sure what you mean by vertical platforming feeling rendundant. The jump pads were an experiment in the final room, but I gotta say that I'm not very happy with that room. The last third of the level was kinda rushed to meet the deadline.

Thanks for the comment. This was really cool to read!


The shotgun is a huge visual and mechanical upgrade from the first demo. I love the idea of secondary attacks for each weapon, like in blood. The assault rifle is still a little underwhelming, but it sort of fits as an analog to a pistol in other FPSs. overall, this seems extremely polished.


Machinegun really was intended to replace the pistol before I get to make one. It's accurate, does reasonable damage, but isn't as useful as the shotgun in most cases. I'm struggling to come up with an interesting secondary firing mode for it. I'm trying to make the guns similar to the ones in Painkiller, so they should feel like there's two guns in one, instead of having a regular firing mode and a stronger mode.

The generic choice is an underbarrel grenade launcher/shotgun, but you already have a dedicated shotgun. Grenade launcher would be my go-to. A zoom mode wouldn't really suit it, since it's not entirely meant for constant long range combat.

Blood's tommygun secondary consumes 2x the ammo per shot, but you wave it around, so you are able to hit enemies within a cone around the player's camera.

My idea for thrash was for a machine gun to have a hybrid between blood and the zoom in idea, where your fire rate doubles, you activate a laser sight, and you zoom in slightly. The downside would be to reduce player movement during that time. I don't know if it would really work out, but the idea was to be able to get a big dps spike at the cost of peripheral vision, long range precision, and movement

You could do like wolfenstein and allow the player to scope in and do powerful, accurate single shots at the cost of several bullets.

too many options.


HOLY COW. This is incredible. You should definitely keep this project going.


I am, and thank you! Keeo following my twitter for updates. I'm hoping to get this game into early access by next summer.

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